Team Meat took to Twitter to announce that their upcoming game, Super Meat Boy Foreveris not going to meet its April launch date. They stated that:

“We’re missing our April launch

We’ve been knowcking out the last bits of Super Meat Boy Forever at record speeds while keeping a healthy and sustainable pace. We are going to keep that pace which means we will not hit our April 2019 release. Sorry about that. We could have sacrificed our minds, bodies and social lives to make April 2019 but that’s stupid. Team Meat isn’t some studio owned by an Evil Asshat corportation that has say over what we do and how we do it. We are fortunate enough to have control over how we work and we choose not to run ourselves into the ground.

Game delays blow, we know, but we’re close so it shouldn’t be too long of a delay. The next trailer drop will have a concrete release date but until then we are officially launching “After but not too far after April 2019″.

This past weekend we were telling this to attendees at PAX East and everyone was really cool about it so we’re just going to assume they speak for everyone on the internet and say thank you all for understanding and being cool with this delay.


Team Meat


Super Meat Boy Forever Delayed

This delay announcement takes aim at EA over their recent controversy regarding Bioware’s management of AnthemTeam Meat does not believe that developers should have to sacrifice their way of life in order to meet a deadline, thus sparking the delay. Fans don’t have to wait too long, though, since it appears it’ll be out very soon.

Super Meat Boy Forever launches in 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and exclusively on the Epic Games Store for one year.