Sony has just released a beautifully epic CG trailer for their upcoming installment in the God of War franchise, God of War 4. The trailer focuses on Kratos and his son as they traverse a forest, hunting, as Kratos’ son misses a deer. The scenery swiftly changes to combat, as Kratos tells his son that they do not fight for the sake of fighting, but they do so for a greater purpose. The trailer is action-packed, but leaves a lot of questions as to where the next installment in this storied franchise is heading. Introducing a son for Kratos is a very interesting twist and there’s no doubt that it will play an integral part in the plot.

God of War 4 releases on April 20 and it can’t come soon enough. Sony has such a stellar lineup of exclusives coming out this year and God of War is one of their highlights and a wonderful way to kick off the year. There hasn’t been a God of War game in quite a while so it will be interesting to see how this game plays out, considering it takes place years in the future and Kratos now has a son.

What’s crazy is Sony is just getting started.

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