I signed up a while ago to be part of the Alpha of Rare’s new game Sea of Thieves. I went in not really knowing what to expect as far as how much cooperation is involved in the game. And how they will handle single player type people. I played from 10pm till 1:30am non-stop. These are my results.

I Might get Sea Sick.

So, I logged in and saw I can pick the size of my ship. One guy? A small skutter ship; basically one sail and a rutter. Two? So, say you and a friend? A medium size with two sails. You have more than three? You get the full battleship. Three sails, three levels, and 8 cannons. If you are just one player and pick the Battleship(which you totally should). You can get matchmade with a crew. You then join party chat and BLAM … you can all communicate. The main reason you would want to coordination of the sails and the wind. I joined a group of three already and had NO IDEA what to do. They taught me. Each sail has two ropes. One is to adjust the mast going from no mast to full sail. The other is to adjust the angle … so it can catch the wind. As we were playing we figured out how to do sharp turns and stopping on a dime. It literally took us figuring out wind, momentum, and location. When we figured it out the Crew was estatic.

And then I got Sea Sick.

So, we had a mission that we picked up from the Gold Hunter on the Outpost that we started at. You also have a bar, a place to get supplies (wood to fix holes, cannon balls, and bananas for health). You also have an armory and a place to upgrade equipment like a compass, shovels, etc. So, anyway we were heading to an island and we noticed a ship already there. It was a small ship. It was docked and no one we THOUGHT saw us. We had three choices. One was to go to the Island and fight. The other was to send one of us to the island and scope it out. The third was to PLAN … basically, stay back far enough away to initiate an attack. Let them come to us since the only way back to the outpost was in our direction. We choose the third option. We set anchor, had out masts at full sail and kept the masts in the direction of the wind, so when they came near we were already at full speed. When they left the island they took a different direction and went the opposite way. We were already at full speed and ready to strike. Since they were a smaller ship they were just plain faster. Needless to say, this Chase lasted an hour and they escaped. Not only that it was a game of zigging and zagging. We never caught up, but in t,he end we had 8 chests and I was at level 11 in 3 hours of play.

I threw up.

We all became friends and promised to play again. We had the best crew and if we had more it surely would have been a fun time. The last time I had this much fun, with this much complexity, and this much cooperation the name Destiny comes to mind. I can see myself playing this game … a lot.

Oh and yes I did vomit from the sea. It was during the chase. They went into a storm and we pursued … the waters were so rough, I wasn’t the only one who felt seasick. So yes I did get seasick … from a video game.

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