Game of Thrones spoilers are some of the most highly guarded secrets in the entertainment industry. Allegedly, the episode lengths for season eight have been leaked. Episodes one and two will be 60 minutes each, while the last four episodes of the season will be approximately 80 minutes each (the length of the season seven finale.) This makes perfect sense, as HBO previously stated that the episodes would not be two hours long. They are still the approximate length of a feature picture though.

The final season of Game of Thrones is the most prominent television event since the final season of LOST. There hasn’t been a series since LOST to affect the entertainment industry and pop culture the way Game of Thrones has. The final season promises to be bittersweet, as Game of Thrones, like LOST, is well known for killing off high-profile characters — and bringing them back to life. It’s also well known, like Game of Thrones, for spawning numerous fan theories. Who will survive? Who will die? Who will win the Iron Throne? Is Bran Stark, in fact, Bran the Builder? Will Bran travel back in time and become the Night King? Hopefully, all these questions and more are answered in the highly anticipated final season of Game of Thrones.

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