Redditor GarikW has put together a beautiful mockup of a Zelda HD Collection for Nintendo Switch. Considering all of the ports that Nintendo has been announcing, it would make more than perfect sense to port Twilight Princess HD and The Wind Waker HD from the Wii U to the Switch and create an HD version of Skyward Sword for the Nintendo Switch. This would build off of the immense popularity of the Zelda franchise right now with the success of Breath of the Wild. While Skyward Sword was somewhat divisive, it had some of the best puzzles, bosses, and the best story in the franchise, despite its lack of an open world.

Beautiful Mockup of a Zelda HD Collection for Nintendo Switch

With the Switch install base approaching 20 million units in just over a year, this would give Nintendo an opportunity to introduce these games to a brand new generation of gamers. Brand new Zelda fans. It’s a win-win proposition. The motion controls in Skyward Sword were hardly horrible and whereas Skyward Sword begins ‘The Legend of Zelda’, Breath of the Wild, for now, takes place at the very end of the timeline.

Each Zelda game has its own unique quirks and gameplay mechanics, and with this proposed collection new fans could have the opportunity to experience the many different aspects of the Zelda franchise.

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