Nintendo didn’t just reveal The Champions’ Ballad at The Game Awards. They didn’t just announce that it was available for download tonight. They also completely swept The Game Awards 2017, with Breath of the Wild winning awards for Best Action-Adventure Game, Best Game Direction, and, most importantly, it won Game of The Year. Over its own fellow Nintendo Switch game Super Mario Odyssey, which did have more hype considering it came out October 27 and Breath of the Wild came out in March. That’s almost eight months apart.

Breath of the Wild still managed to triumph with its superb design and re-invention of the Zelda series. Even more interesting is Mario is a lot more popular in North America than Zelda, and sales numbers prove that. Breath of the Wild did get better reviews, but Mario is outpacing the game in sales. It sells 463 copies a minute.

Breath of the Wild Dominates The Game Awards 2017

Zelda was clearly the spotlight of this year’s Game Awards. They didn’t when every award they were nominated for, but the game won every category that mattered. Best Action-Adventure Game, Best Direction, Game of the Year; these are elite categories. Nintendo had to have planned to release The Champions’ Ballad because they already knew they were going to dominate. It was the perfect way to please fans. Now, on top of an already incredible game, we have some story-based DLC that will improve it to be even better.

Breath of the Wild Dominates The Game Awards 2017

Nintendo’s move was genius, and Breath of the Wild deserves all the praise it gets.

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  • Chris J Williams

    When you have over a decade to work on these games they will always be huge and have alot of things to do because they had all the time in the world to do it. I guess they justified losing all those years just to wait and come out with all this just to win one or 2 years of awards. All the other games that came out that were really great and didnt have even a quarter of the time spent making them and still sold millions of copies they weren’t being made when the Wii first came out like Mario and breath of the wild because everyone knows they’ve been building those and waited through two consoles to finally release them. If they would of came out back when they announced them they probably would of still won an award or two. Lol