THQ Nordic has issued a press release stating that Red Faction Guerrilla will be receiving a remastered edition. It will be a full remaster for current generation consoles, as well as PC. This version of the game will only have visual improvements. These include improvements to shadow rendering and lighting, reworked textures and graphics, also 4K support.

Red Faction Guerrilla to Receive a 4K Remaster

This updated version will still include its destruction segments, open-world gameplay, and multiplayer modes. However, THQ Nordic did not state whether any additional missions or items will be made available.

For those unfamiliar with the plot of the game, it is as follows:

Set 50 years after the climactic events of the original Red Faction, Red Faction: Guerrilla allows players to take the role of an insurgent fighter with the newly re-established Red Faction movement as they battle for liberation from the oppressive Earth Defense Force. Red Faction: Guerrilla still defines the limits of destruction-based game-play with a huge open-world, fast-paced guerrilla-style combat, and true physics-based destruction.

The original Guerrilla released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PCs in June of 2009. This new edition is slated to release in Quarter 2 of 2018 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. No version for the Nintendo Switch has been announced at this time.

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