BATTLETECH is the first modern turn-based, tactical combat game set within the MechWarrior universe. It’s also the first fully-fledged MechWarrior title that has seen production in a while. While a vastly different style of game, it is taking the gameplay approach of the widely popular MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries by putting you in command of a mercenary unit and giving you the choices to pick your missions and do what you want to do in the MechWarrior universe.

You can recruit, customize, and develop unique MechWarriors (with over 30 different Mechs to pick from) and a personal dropship to your liking. As a Mercenary, manage your reputation with a variety of noble houses and local factions as you push forward through the Civil War as a violently deposed ruler fights to reclaim her throne.

Coming from Harebrained Schemes, the developers of the classic-reviving Shadowrun titles, we can except a dialogue and choice heavy adventures ahead of us.

Harebrained Schemes and Paradox Interactive previously released this video to hype gamers up for their upcoming title and had also announced that you can now preorder BATTLETECH on GOG and Steam, which you can still do as we are nearing the April release window.

A new story trailer was recently released, setting the release date in stone: April 24.

Can BATTLETECH live up to the longstanding anticipation old fans of MechWarrior have been left with after so long without a proper MechWarrior title? Time will tell, as BATTLETECH releases April 24, 2018.

Don’t forget to pre-order your copy from GOG or Steam!

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