Pokemon Sun and Moon information is coming today, according to the Japanese Pokemon Twitter account. The two titles are the latest installments in the popular Pokemon franchise, which has become an even bigger hit as of late due to the release of the mobile game Pokemon GO, where trainers from all over the world can hunt for Pokemon in their own neighborhoods with their smart devices.

The Pokemon Sun and Moon information will be revealed at 9am EDT. The two latest installments in the Pokemon series are incredibly intriguing, as they are celebrating the series’ 20th anniversary. It will be curious to see if the formula is mixed up at all or if there will be any new drastic features that are added to the series. The starters for the games has already been released and if this is any indication, some interesting new Pokemon will be introduced to the series.


Depending on the Pokemon Sun and Moon information that is revealed today, whether big or small, will cause fans to quench for more. The duo of titles come out on November 18 for the Nintendo 3DS. Depending on the information that comes out, fans may be in for a real treat.

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