Dubbed “A Walk in the Park in Chicago”, this year’s Pokemon GO Fest¬†sold out despite technical difficulties. Tickets went on sale at 9am PDT yesterday. The website was unable to load for about a half-an-hour, and soon thereafter (within minutes) Niantic announced the event was sold out. This isn’t a surprise, but considering last year’s disaster, with people going as far as filing a class-action lawsuit against Niantic, it’s surprising how quickly tickets sold out.

Tickets are now going for sale on eBay for as much as $360. Whether people buy them is yet to be seen. Between travel costs to Chicago and tickets for a one-day event (you can only attend one day), it’s an expensive endeavor.

Pokemon GO Fest Sold Out — It’s a Neat Game

Pokemon GO is a nifty little mobile game, but its popularity has waned. It was a fad. It takes up a lot of space on your phone and drains your battery life. But it is so addicting; it’s nostalgic. That is the allure of it and why people are attending this event, despite last year’s disaster.

It’s not surprising the Pokemon GO Fest sold out. What will be most interesting though is if Niantic is able to deliver this year. Their track record is not good. Last year is a disaster. It’s an expensive venture, especially for one day, but hopefully, fans get their money worth.

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