Pokemon GO Fest 2018 is the follow-up of last year’s inaugural Pokemon GO Fest. The 2018 event is dubbed “A Walk in the Park in Chicago.” It would appear that this is Niantic’s plan for the event as well. Fans of the game will be taking a stroll through Chicago’s Lincoln Park on July 14 and 15. Here, attendees are going to take an almost two-mile trail that will have physical guideposts, rare Pokémon, and “exclusive events.”

Pokemon GO Fest 2018

Last year’s Pokemon GO Fest was plagued with problems. There were massive connection issues, game sessions crashed, and refunds were issued. Many gamers felt massively disappointed. Some attendees even paid a 2,000% markup on the $20 tickets plus hotel and airfare. Events became so bad that when Niantic CEO, John Hanke, took the stage, he was met with boos. Gamers chanted “fix the servers” and even filed a class-action lawsuit against the company. However, it does appear that Niantic took note of these problems in planning this year’s events.

Pokemon GO Fest 2018

Tickets will cost $20 and fans will only be able to attend one day. This is to allow for more Pokemon GO gamers to experience the event and limit overcrowding. Each day will also have the same experience, so attendees won’t need to worry about getting tickets to both daus. Tickets to Pokemon GO Fest 2018 will be available here on May 11 at 9am PDT/12pm EDT.

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