CBS’s hit series, Person of Interest, is ending after five seasons and its premiere date has been confirmed as being May 3, which is a Tuesday, and then each subsequent episode airing the following Monday. It will air at 10/9c. Ever since CBS announced a shortened 13-episode season for the series, fans and industry insiders alike have been speculating the show’s cancellation.

Even producer JJ Abrams believed this to be the final season.

“My guess is [Season 5] is the final season. Obviously things can be adjusted if [there’s] a miraculous [ratings] performance. But I think the idea is that this would be the finale. “[Showrunners] Jonah Nolan and Greg Plageman have done such an amazing job on the show, and I know what these episodes are that they’ve done, wrapping it up. We don’t yet have a schedule, but I know these episodes will see the light of day. People will get to see these episodes.”

Now that the Machine has been reduced to a briefcase, is there anything that can stand in Samaritan’s way? Will Team Machine make it out alive, or was Finch right when he said they would all probably end up dead when he started this endeavor of saving people? We’ll all have to find out this May.

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