Otters are posed to take over the Nintendo Switch with the upcoming game, The Otterman Empire. Developed by Tri-Heart Interactive, this action-shooting title has been announced for an early 2020 release. Fans of otters, shooters, and local multiplayer antics may want to take a look at the official trailer below:

In The Otterman Empireplayers are able to pick their very own otters that come with customizable jetpacks and loads of weapons. It’s a title that’s set to take its own twist on the party game genre. According to the developers, “it [blurs] the line between shooters and party games.” That’s because it features an eight-player local multiplayer, as well as single-player and co-op progressive campaigns.

Objectives in the game are said to vary greatly. With rapidly switching objectives, aerial combat, and an in-game world where otters are at the top of the food chain, there’s no telling what mayhem can happen. Matches consist of two-minute rounds with an always changing objective. Factored in with random supply drops, Tri-Heart Interactive assures that no two games are ever the same.

The campaign tasks players with either working with each other to complete various missions or handle it all solo. A deranged scientist named Tiko has gone mad and is trying to bring about the destruction of the Otterman Empire. Players get to travel across the galaxy to try in their attempt to save the world.

Otterman Empire


Some of the game’s features include the following:

  • Eight dynamic local multiplayer modes including the fast-paced, Squiditch, explosive Detonator and sharp-shooting Target Practice.
  • Compelling campaign mode with a huge variety of challenges across an entire galaxy.
  • Ten completely customizable characters with a range of unlockable helmets, jetpacks, and antenna to truly make your otter your own.
  • Eight lush and detailed planets including the huge volcanic base station, Fishmonger Base, the technological playground, Ottopolis and the beautiful overgrown temples of Lontra.
  • A unique combination of competition and collaboration which delivers a range of challenges with unpredictable outcomes.

The Otterman Empire launches in early 2020 for the Nintendo Switch and all major systems.


Source: Tri-Heart Interactive Press Release

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