Tri-Heart Interactive has announced the release date for their upcoming game, The Otterman Empire. In a recent press release, the development team revealed that the game is set to launch on July 2 for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC. Steam users can enjoy online multiplayer action through Steam Remote Play on release. Console compatibility for this feature is set to come soon. Pre-orders are now open for players.

According to the release:

“The Otterman Empire offers a truly unique blend of campaign, collaboration and competition for one to four players, and with rapidly-switching objectives and multiple game modes – no two games are ever the same!

Select your otter, choose your jetpack, prepare your water gun, and then customize it all! Challenge your friends in explosive and frenzied two-minute rounds, each with randomly-generated objectives and supply drops to keep you on your toes. Team up or fly solo to stop the otterly evil, Tiko from destroying the entire empire. Jet-off across the galaxy and stop his deranged experiments from wreaking havoc in otterspace!”

Otterman Empire Release

Fans of split-screen gaming will feel right at home with the upcoming release of The Otterman EmpireFeaturing a campaign with cooperative capabilities and local party modes, this indie game has everything one could desire. The developers have stated their passion for this game and how they hope to capture the nostalgia of playing games with family and friends.


Source: Press Release