While I personally felt that Final Fantasy XV was just an okay game, Noctis was by no means a bad protagonist. He was merely outshone by the game’s incredible villain, Ardyn. Regardless of that fact though, Noctis is making a surprise visit by crossing over into the fighting realm of Tekken 7. He is now available in the PlayStation Store, as long as the latest update for Tekken has been installed, which takes up about 3 gigabytes on the PlayStation 4. According to PushSquare (a wonderful outlet by the way), Noctis is a lot of fun to play as, but the site can’t help but feel like the character doesn’t belong in the world of Tekken.

Regardless of that though, fitting an RPG character into a hardcore fighting game, as PushSquare puts it, must have taken an incredible amount of work. If he’s a lot of fun to play as, isn’t that the whole point? Final Fantasy XV was such a massive hit and Noctis is one of the most recognizable characters in recent Final Fantasy history, so it’s a great selling point for the developers of Tekken to include him in the game. Guest appearances are always beneficial, especially high-profile ones, such as Link in Soul Caliber.