The Wii U was a commercial failure, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t produce a lost of quality games. Nintendo is capitalizing on this fact with their latest hit, the Nintendo Switch. The Switch is the fastest selling console in the United States  and the company would be stupid to let those wonderful games fall by the wayside. They already did a tremendous job porting Mario Kart 8 to the system, and even expanded upon the games’ battle mode. It only makes sense that Nintendo brings some of their other critically-acclaimed games to the Nintendo Switch which so many missed out on. It’s a great business move by Nintendo, and just think, the best is yet to come this year.

The Ports Are Coming

Bayonetta 2 has already come out, which was financially backed by Nintendo initially so Platinum Games could continue the series. Naturally, it has rave reviews, once again. Platinum Games is always inventive and ingenious when it comes to the series, which is why they’re getting a third game. The game is incredibly fun and Bayonetta is such a badass that I can’t wait to pick this game up on my own and give it a try. It’s also wonderful that they are packing in Bayonetta 1 in with the game, considering the Wii U pack-in title (which I used to own) was so difficult to find. It’s a great prelude for what’s to come to prepare us for Bayonetta 3.

Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze was one of my favorite games on the Wii U. Like its predecessor on the Wii, it 2D side scrolling style which will bring many back to their childhood. Make no mistake though. This is not an easy game. It’s wonderful that this is coming out for the Nintendo Switch because it was one of the best games on the Wii U, but no one really played it outside of switch players, which is a shame. It has the classic feel of “Donkey Kong”, yet at the same time it also brings something fresh and new. The inclusion of Funky Kong in particular seems to give the game even more of a fun factor, but honestly we’ll have a to play the game to find out. No doubt he’ll bring valuable skills to help the characters through their journey though. All in all, this is a perfect game to bring to Switch under these circumstances.

Hyrule Warriors is the game I’m really most familiar with. I must have spent 100 hours on it. The Zelda franchise’s popularity is at an all-time high,  and this is the perfect time to release the Dynasty Warriors spinoff. The game claims to have 29 players in all and the replayability value is through the roof. You could literally spend hours on the game and lose yourself in thought, and all of a sudden it’s school, or time for work. That sounds like an extreme situation, but that’s just how engrossing this game is.

The combat may not be the most refined thing in the world, but it’s incredibly fun to play and borderline addictive and is able to set itself apart from other hack-and-slash games. It’s also a wonderful\ that we get to acquire Link and Zelda’s Breath of the Wild garb, which are some of the best costumes in the series. All-in-all, this is a great game to bring to the Switch. So many Zelda fans were holding out for a Wii U to get Zelda, and they ended up getting a Switch instead. Bringing Hyrule Warriors out now, most likely a little over a year later, will help quench their thirst.

This is the perfect time for Hyrule Warriors. The stars have seemed to align.

The Future Is Bright

Nintendo is also coming out with some great content they’ve announced at their last two directs. Kirby Star Allies is only a month away, being released on the 16th of March. The game looks to be incredibly fun and is a true multiplayer experience; it’s four player, and you can play with the JoyCons or the grip, of if you’re lucky enough to have one, a pro controller.

While characters are encouraged to cooperate for the most part, it is much too easy to try to cause your teammates distress and lead to their deaths. I experienced this countless times in New Super Mario Bros. for Wii, and I find it pretty hilarious, as it’s just a game, but others may not. Moving on though, the visuals are astounding as well as the gameplay and this may be the best Kirby title yet. In fact, I believe that this is Nintendo’s sleeper game, from what we know of their spring lineup.

A second thing I must bring u is a brand new Mario Tennis Aces coming sometime this spring. It should be a blast, from everything I’ve heard, especially from the things I’ve read.  It looks amazing and I cannot wait to play

This all in fall, and titles I didn’t even name. Nintendo releases their Labo in late April, and while it doesn’t completely apply to my demographic, it still looks very interesting.

Beyond Kirby, etc.,  Nintendo still have Yoshi and possibly (but unlikely) Pokemon, which if it released this holiday season it would absolutely destroy sales and Switch’s would be near impossible to find, considering many fans are simply waiting on that.

Nintendo’s ports are helping to pave the way for these original titles so they don’t go through a software drought like in years past. Even beyond this, these are great games in their own right. Hyrule  Warriors was great on the Wii U and 3DS and I imagine it will be just as good on the Nintendo Switch. From all accounts Bayonetta is incredible. The World Ends With You was one of the most applauded RPG on the  GameBoy Advance.

Nintendo is poised for a great future, and their incredible ports will guide them towards the path of success.

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