Today Nintendo has unveiled their newest addition to the Nintendo Switch family, known as the Switch Lite. This compact and cheaper design comes with an upgraded D-Pad, non-removable controllers, slightly improved battery life, and perhaps most importantly the lack of ability to dock the system to play on your TV.

Certain games that require the joycons to be removed from the system such as 1 2 Switch won’t be compatible with the new Lite system. While that might seem like a major downgrade to some, there are still a plethora of Nintendo Switch titles available and others will gladly adopt this new entry-level Switch as a 3DS successor, as the Switch Lite comes in at a price point of $200.

The system is set to launch on September 20th in yellow, grey, and turquoise, giving the Switch some much needed color. Nintendo is also releasing a special limited edition version alongside Pokemon Sword and Shield in November.

The new colors and cheaper price point should attract those who are still holding on dearly to their 3DS not wanting to upgrade to the Switch just yet.

Are you interested in the Nintendo Switch Lite? If so which color do you think you’ll be grabbing when it releases later this year?

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