During E3 2018, Nintendo’s Direct was primarily focused around Super Smash Bros. UltimateThere was also some footage shown regarding Super Mario Party and Fire Emblem: Three HousesBesides that, there was a slew of third-party releases including Daemon X Machina and even FortniteThis left gamers feeling a bit confused as to what else is to come. However, it looks like there is more planned for their upcoming Fall lineup.

Nintendo Has More Surprises for Fall


Former Nintendo president, Tatsumi Kimishima, has gone on record to state that there is still more planned for the system. The full quote can be found below:

“Kimishima-san was also asked about Nintendo’s presentation at E3 and the fact that it caused a sharp decline in the stock value. He explained that the company is preparing to disclose more information to the customers at an appropriate timing, including products that will be launched during the year-end shopping battle. It’s not yet time to announce the full lineup.”

This would be on par with Nintendo’s expectations to hit 20 million units sold by the end of its fiscal year. March 2019 is the deadline to meet this goal and can be achieved. It is already going to be an action-packed couple of months for the Switch with Pokémon Let’s Go!, Octopath Traveler, Captain Toad Treasure Trackerand of course Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. More news will no doubt follow in the coming months, especially regarding an inevitable Direct.