There is a new 60-second The Last Jedi TV spot that has aired. Currently, we do not have an HD version, but we will share that as soon as possible. Right now, all we have is the spot off of Twitter:

The most interesting part of the TV spot is when Rey tells Luke,

Kylo failed you. I won’t.”

This could point us to the fact that in the trailer, when it seems that Rey is reaching out to Kylo to help her find her “place in all this”, is a complete misnomer, as is typical in film trailers. Rey and Luke probably have their differences, but Rey seems to come to grips with this fallen hero and cares for him very dearly. While Rey comes to Luke to help her, it is Rey who could and probably will end up saving Luke.

The rest of the dialogue is a bit too difficult to make out, but someone with an amazing ear transcribed all of it.

  • Luke: “You’ve seen this place?
  • Rey: “Only in dreams.
  • Luke: “Who are you?
  • Rey: “Something inside me is awake.
  • Luke: “What do you see?
  • Rey: “Light. Darkness.
  • Luke: “This is not going to go the way you think.
  • Rey: “Kylo failed you. I won’t.
  • Finn: “We have to fight!
  • Snoke: “Fulfill your destiny” (I hope this is to Rey)

Again, we’ll update this with the HD version when it releases, but it makes me even more excited for The Last Jedi.

December 15 is almost a month away!

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