During this year’s MAR10 Day, Nintendo and Lego announced a collaboration between the two companies. The two family entertainment conglomerates unveiled a short seven second video which shows off a mini-figure of Mario. Alongside this, a caption tells fans to “stay tuned” for a full unveiling yet to come. It is unknown what this could be for, however, a few inside leaks point to it being a series of Lego Super Mario sets rather than a Lego-themed video game.

According to the website, Nintendo Soup, 13 Lego sets are planned for a Super Mario line. The rumor states that sets range from blind bags to much bigger designs. Alleged pricing for these are in Euros, but come out to around $4.50 to $115. It is yet to be revealed whether these could entail and how the designs appear but these listing could be the real deal.

  1. 71360 – EUR 59.99
  2. 71361 – EUR 3.99 (blind bag)
  3. 71362 – EUR 49.99
  4. 71363 – EUR 19.99
  5. 71364 – EUR 19.99
  6. 71365 – EUR 29.99
  7. 71366 – EUR 29.99
  8. 71367 – EUR 29.99
  9. 71368 – EUR 69.99
  10. 71369 – EUR 99.99
  11. 71370 – EUR 9.99
  12. 71371 – EUR 9.99
  13. 71372 – EUR 9.99
  14. 71373 – EUR 9.99

Lego Super Mario

The biggest shock of the announcement came from the official press release, however. Within the company’s official statement, it stated that this news comes from the recent Nintendo Direct. To those up to date, Nintendo hasn’t had a Direct since September of last year. Many have gone to believe that a Direct may have been planned but was unfortunately pushed back due to recent events. This could also mean a Direct may be on the way in order to show off the full line of Lego sets but this is yet to be confirmed.

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