The January Nintendo Direct is rumored to take place on January 11, according to reliable industry insiders. John Harker, a reliable source confirmed by ResetEra, took to the forum and posted the upcoming date.

I knew it was scheduled for the 11th.

Though I’ve been on vacation for awhile, so dunno if any of the timing has changed because I’ve been out of the game for a bit and haven’t bothered to talk to anyone about it ::shrug:”

This was later corroborated by Emily Rogers, who is well known for her accurate (and sometimes inaccurate) predictions in the past. She quickly took to Twitter and confirmed Harker’s date (the Tweet has since been deleted). She then also continued to tease an unannounced Nintendo Switch title from SNK.

While Rogers has been hit-or-miss in the past (some horrible misses), there is one thing that gives this rumor credence: Nintendo has always had a Direct on the second Thursday in January. January 11 is, in fact, the second Thursday of the month. With Amazon’s 18 listings of unannounced Nintendo Switch games for a “January Event” that were posted and then pulled just as quickly on New Year’s Eve, rumors are intensifying and everything points to this being the real deal.

We know very little about what Nintendo has in store for us this year for the Switch, and everything points to this Direct being of E3 proportions.

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