Amazon has posted 18 placeholders for Nintendo Switch games for a January event, some of them costing $59.99 and others $99.99. Speculation is that these games will be revealed during the January Nintendo Direct. Some of the listings were taken down, but as of two hours ago 12 of the placeholders were $59.99. The rest are presumably special editions of certain titles.

Amazon did begin to de-list some of these items, although it still shows that Octopath Traveler will be shown at the “Switch Event” and is available for pre-order as of this moment.

This is massive news. If Nintendo shows off 12 new games during the Nintendo Direct and most, if not all, come out this year, this year could be even better than the last. That’s pretty hard to imagine considering we got both a new Zelda and Mario game this year. If Metroid and Pokemon are on their way, Switch sales will explode. The last few years Nintendo has had a habit of not announcing games until they are close to completion/release, so if all these games come out this year and the majority are first-party, they could rival Sony’s amazing lineup for the PlayStation 4.

We won’t know more until the January Nintendo Direct, but this is cause for great optimism for the Switch going into the New Year. If they do deliver with 12 brand new announcements, they will be able to ride all of the momentum that they have built up over the last nine months since the Switch launched.

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