As the new year begins, so do its new releases. The Nintendo Switch is set to launch New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition and Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes in January, but there’s still plenty of other games coming this month. The following four games may be indie titles, but they’re all sure to pack a punch.

Bury Me, My Love

In the first game on this list, take control of Nour, a Syrian refugee off to find a new home in Europe. Nour’s husband, Majd, is assisting her on this lengthy journey, but it’s through text messaging. Bury Me, My Love’s gameplay is formed through a cellphone. Players can respond with emojis, selfies, pictures, website links, etc, in order to shape the game’s outcome. With 19 different endings, each text sent can create vastly alternating paths and result in various destinations visited. Making this game even more unique is the fact that it’s based on a true story. Follow this journey of love and peril by Pixel Hunt on January 10 for $4.99.

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Feudal Alloy

Created by a two-man studio, Attu Games‘ Feudal Alloy takes place in a strange medieval world. Attu, a fish-controlled robot, is just a normal farmer that enjoys a simple lifestyle until the day outlaws raid his village and burn down his house. Set out on an epic adventure filled with a dynamic combat system, plenty of enemies, hand-drawn areas, and a huge interconnected world. Explore the secrets of the kingdom and avenge your village in this Metroidvania on January 17 for $16.99.

AT SUNDOWN: Shots in the Dark

Next up is a top-down shooter with stealth elements that can be enjoyed by up to four people. Take on one another in a local or online multiplayer deathmatch through six different zones in Mild Beast GamesAT SUNDOWN: Shots in the Dark. Alongside the Deathmatch Mode, a Challenge Mode can be selected which features plenty of tasks that help prepare for the game’s showdown. Players are also able to play a Cooperative Mode against robots controlled by an AI. Be sure to check out all the game’s weapons and areas that are offered on January 22. Pre-order now to receive 20% off the game’s $19.99 price tag.

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YIIK: A Post Modern RPG

The final game on this list is a surreal Japanese RPG that takes place in the 1990s. Featuring a 30-hour campaign with a vocal cast consisting of Chris Niosi (Tales of Zestiria, Disgaea 5), Clifford Chapin (Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Attack on Titan, RWBY) and more, YIIK: A Post Modern RPG is sure to impress. College graduate, Alex, has just witnessed a woman disappear from an elevator spawning an adventure to find her and the mystery behind her disappearance. The quest has higher stakes than he had imagined which lead him and his friends towards the new millennium. Another bonus from this is the game’s soundtrack, which has contributions from Toby Fox (Undertale) and Hiroki Kikuta (Secret of Mana).  Look for Ackk Studios’ upcoming title on January 17 for $19.99.

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January is already shaping up as a great start to the new year with all of the major releases hitting store shelves. The above mentioned Nindies are just a few set to launch on the Nintendo eShop this month. Make sure to stay tuned to VG Culture HQ for next month’s February Nindie Spotlight.

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