It’s happened again. The fourth episode of Game of Thrones Season 8 has been leaked a full eight hours before it is set to air. Week one, it was Direct TV. This week it appears to be Amazon Prime. According to those on r/freefolk (I ain’t no kneeler), a group on Facebook has been posting video snippets from the episode, trying to extort people for money in order to view the episode in full. A full summary of the events that take place, including several video snippets, have been leaked. Now. BEWARE.


  • The episode opens with the funerals of the dead which were lost during the battle against the White Walkers. Arya and Jon are praised for their actions, and Danaerys appears to be jealous.
  • Dany appoints Gendry Lord of Storm’s End for his heroism.
  • Jamie and Brienne have sex.
  • Gendry confronts Arya and wants a relationship and/or marriage. Arya turns him down.
  • Dany and Jon discuss his parentage further but it is not sure what is said.
  • Bronn arrives in Winterfell. Instead of killing Jamie and Tyrion, he tells them of Cersei’s offer. Tyrion offers to double it in exchange for their lives. Bronn accepts.
  • The Starks meet and have a family conversation. Bran (?) brings up Jon’s parentage.
  • Everyone sets out for Dragonstone, though Tormund decides to go North and takes Ghost with him (convenient, isn’t it?).
  • On the way to Dragonstone Dany’s fleet is ambushed by Euron. Rhaegel is shot multiple times and dies (awfully convenient considering how hard it is, as demonstrated by Bronn, to hit a moving Dragon, much less from sea, don’t you think?). Missandei goes missing.
  • At Dragonstone a strategy is being prepared; there’s a question as to whether to attack King’s Landing or not. Disagreements are had and Dany allegedly decides to do it anyway (?).
  • Dany, her army, and her allies arrive at King’s Landing. All negotiations fail and Missandei is decapitated by the Mountain at Cersei’s order. Greyworm can’t help but look away.
  • End of episode.

We can confirm the death of Rhaegel and Missandei, as we have seen the clips, so this leak is 100% legitimate. There are more spoilers that have come out as well regarding episode five and six, but we’ll address those in another article.

It seems like a complete waste that Rhaegel is killed this episode, considering he’s Jon’s father’s namesake. At this point, D&D seem to be simply trying to subvert our expectations rather than build to what the entire series has been building to: A Song of Ice and Fire. Who is the Prince who was Promised? Who is Azor Ahai reborn? These are probably questions that will be never be answered, which is a complete waste.

We’ll have to see how the episode plays out, but things are not looking good for the rest of the season. And I didn’t even mind last week’s episode.

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