EA has had a tough time lately. Due to the lootcrate controversy, they’ve been forced to take the feature out of the game entirely and lost millions in stocks. There has been a severe backlash against EA due to their business model dating years back. Tonight though, at The Game Awards 2017, they announced something positiveBattlefront II will be receiving free DLC in the form of Season One on December 13, based off of The Last Jedi. One of the things that infuriated me with Battlefront I was the fact that as soon as I booted it up, it prompted me to pay $50 for a season pass. This time around, all of EA’s Battlefront DLC is free.

Battlefront II Season 1 Revealed

Season 1 is based on events that take place in The Last Jedi, and we see familiar characters like Finn, Kylo Ren, Captain Phasma, and General Leia. In fact, the battle takes place is actually in the film’s trailers with red smoke surrounding everything. It actually seems quite interesting, despite many people’s reservations about Star Wars: Battlefront II and EA in general.

Battlefront II Season 1 Revealed

This may be worth it though. With The Last Jedi coming out two days before this DLC releases, it probably takes place just before the events of the film. Disney is very strict about spoilers. Episode VIII cannot come soon enough though regardless.

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