MilkBag Games’ has just revealed the release date for their upcoming indie gameFutureGrind. Launching on January 22 for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC, players can look forward to this futuristic extreme sports title. The latest YouTube trailer unveils new gameplay and snippets from the game’s story.

Coming straight from the developer:

“This isn’t just about highscores, though. It’s the future, and this extreme sport comes complete with a robust story mode (and potential plot twists)! Take on the role of a newly-sponsored rider, keen to make your mark on the pro circuit as you compete on some of the most mind-bending tracks known to man. As you continue to fight for your sponsor’s favour, discover the true nature or your new job and the implications it could have on the world around you…”

There are over 30 different tracks and has a fully fledged storyline. Along with this, five unlockable vehicles can be used which all have varying abilities. Switch between separate colored tracks and traverse through tons of obstacles to get to the finish line. A score attack mode is also available for players to try and get the best high scores between their friends. Its original soundtrack is currently available for pre-order through Bandcamp here.

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