Epic Games‘ mega-hit, Fortnitehas just received another patch for players to download. Along with this come a new weapon, modes, and changes to the map. The biggest of all of these is the addition of the brand new Suppressed Sniper Rifle. Users can hop into a match of Battle Royale and be on the lookout for this gun to sneak up on enemies. Other information regarding the Suppressed Sniper is as follows:

  • Available in Epic and Legendary variants.
  • Can be found from chests, floor loot, Vending Machines, and Supply Drops.
  • A single shot, scoped sniper rifle.
  • The suppressor makes for a quieter shot, trading stealth for power.
    • Deals 100/105 base damage

Fortnite Update

On the topic of weapons, Epic Games has also removed a few starting today. The Six Shooter Revolver and the Common (Gray)/Uncommon (Green)/Rare (Blue) Burst Assault Rifle have all been taken out. However, the popular Dual Pistols are back from the vault and can be picked up for use. The rate in which Dynamite spawned has been reduced by 40% and adjustments to the Boom Box throwable were made. Its health has dropped from 600 to 400, drop rate reduced by 33%, and it now only lasts 18 seconds compared to the previous 25.

Fortnite Update

Fortnite’s user-created area, The Block, was updated too. The DM Arena by KojackNumber2 can be enjoyed by all players for free. Jump around and eliminate enemies for a Victory Royale in this intense bouncy arena. 14 Days of Fortnite also returns for another week, so those that missed it can pick up the Take the Elf Emote, Gingerbread Backbling, Equalizer Glider, and plenty more. Many of the popular Limited Time Modes will also be back in circulation.

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