Square Enix has confirmed that the season pass will not be included with the Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition. Ironically this makes the “Ultimate” part in ‘Ultimate Collector’s Edition’ quite silly. The season pass was only recently revealed, although no details were given as to what will be included. The pass can be purchased online by way of pre-ordering the Final Fantasy XV Digital Premium Edition for $85. It is surmised that the base game will cost $60, pricing the season pass at $25 USD.


The Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition costs a whopping $270 and sold out very quickly. Even though the season pass for the game was just unveiled, there’s absolutely no excuse as to why the Digital Premium Edition would get the season pass but the Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition wouldn’t. Only the most hardcore fans would pay almost $300 for this impressive set, and simply put, there’s no excuse why they shouldn’t be rewarded and have it included in one of the most elaborate collector’s editions of all time. While Final Fantasy XV looks incredible, it’s decisions like this that have been ruining Square Enix’s reputation for years. They need to rectify this situation or they will be alienating their most loyal fanbase.

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