Final Fantasy XV was very divisive among the fanbase upon its release, despite the grandiose success the game enjoyed. I initially found the game quite lackluster, hoping for a true open-world game (which the game is in a sense, but also isn’t in another sense) with a truly epic narrative and excellent combat. The game only got the third part of that, although I played it in ‘wait mode’, which actually kind of makes it quasi-turn-based. The narrative had no cohesion and was a mess. There were a lot of sidequests but not many of them felt all too important to complete. I loved the characters, but I wish we knew more. Ardyn was one of the best villains in Final Fantasy history, yet we didn’t find out too much about him save one huge reveal (this will be expanded upon in a new DLC pack that will focus on Ardyn, along with three additional DLC packs that will come out in 2018 and 2019).

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition Makes a Good Game Great

Final Fantasy XV has been continuously updated since release, and the Royal Edition is the culmination of this effort, catapulting Final Fantasy XV from a good game into a great one.

Final Fantasy XV is a completely different game than it was when it launched. There have been not only a number of DLC episodes that have been released, but new cutscenes, alterations to the late-game chapters of the game, and brand new dungeons. Some of these are pre-Royal Edition, but some are included in the Royal Pack. There’s a brand new dungeon in Insomnia with new bosses and new emotionally gripping story content in the endgame. With the Royal Edition, players are also now able to explore the open seas on the journey from Cape Caem to Altissa by taking control of the Royal Vessel. The exploration may be lacking a little here, but it opens up new fishing spots and new recipes and a few new secrets, which is a nice touch.

The most rewarding content added in the Royal Edition is the endgame content in Insomnia. The ruins of the once-beautiful capital has been expanded upon, with additional scenery making the devastation even more heartwrenching. There’s also a brand-new dungeon and additional sidequests, as well as story content that didn’t make it into the original cut of the game, which is extremely emotional. All in all, Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition’s version of the endgame is vastly superior to the original, which feels barebones by comparison. It makes for a much more cathartic and cohesive experience.

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition Makes a Good Game Great

The Royal Edition also includes all of the previous DLC episodes that have been released, so you will have access to Episode GladiolusEpisode Prompto, and Episode Ignis, as well as the multiplayer expansion pack, which takes place after the events of Chapter 13 in the main game. There’s also a brand new item included, The Armiger, which is accessible after obtaining all 13 Royal Arms and unlocks a new battle mode for Noctis.

The addition of all of the aforementioned content into one bundle creates a much fuller experience. It really shows how the nature of video game development has changed, as after patches and expansions a title like Final Fantasy XV can become almost unrecognizable in comparison to its initial version. The crazy part is that there is still more content coming, with four new DLC packs on their way, with the first of them focusing on the game’s villain, Ardyn.

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition Makes a Good Game Great

Initially, Final Fantasy XV was just a mildly good game. I can say now with the utmost confidence though that it is now a great game thanks to all of the updates, expansions, and additions that have been made to the game over the last year-and-a-half. It now sits as the best Final Fantasy game since Final Fantasy X, and that is a testament to Hajime Tabata, who was just given his own studio under Square Enix, and his dedication to excellence, even after the game’s release. And he’s not finished yet.

With four more DLC packs coming which will expand even more of the game’s lore and narrative, Final Fantasy XV will keep adding more and improving into the year to come.

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