According to the director of Square Enix’s latest hit, Hadjim Tabata, Final Fantasy XV sales have eclipsed 6.5 million copies worldwide, making it one of the most successful Final Fantasy games to date. This is a bit of redemption for the series, as the massive plans that Square had for the Final Fantasy XIII series never truly came to fruition. In fact, Final Fantasy XV was originally a part of that saga and was titled Final Fantasy XIII Versus. Square Enix changed it though, re-branded it as Final Fantasy XV, and the results speak for themselves. The game has really resonated with both fans of the series and newcomers alike. I myself was initially a little disappointed with the game, but once I started doing the sidequests and truly indulged myself in the game, I realized what an amazing installment in the franchise it is.

Similarly to what I had to say about my initial disappointment in Breath of the Wild, you will only get out as much of the game as you’re willing to put in, and there’s a wealth of content in Final Fantasy XV; you just have to dig a little deeper beyond the main narrative. It does have some issues, like the final chapters, but it’s a great redemption piece for the series and hopefully, Square Enix builds off of this and their next game is even grander.

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