A brand new Final Fantasy VII Remake screenshot has been spotted on the recruitment page for Square Enix. It appears on the computer of Business Division 1’s Development Lead Naoko Hamaguchi. This is a most unconventional way to attain a screenshot for Square’s much-anticipated remake! The screenshot was first pointed out by Twitter user @DKHF4.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Screenshot

While the image isn’t perfectly clear, it does appear to portray the Air Buster boss. There is a small glimpse of Cloud at the bottom and the UI is barely visible.

Square also gave an update as to how the development of the game is progressing.

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE” for home game machines is a complete remake work of “FINAL FANTASY VII” released in 1997. By shifting to the in-house development system in order to stabilize the mass production system last year, the development workflow has also been greatly reviewed and the development efficiency has improved. Although the development system and foundation have already been set up and mass production development is proceeding smoothly, from the viewpoint of incorporating, we are continuously looking for new staff aiming for further creativity.

Fans have been waiting for what seems to be a lifetime to get more information on the title, and better yet, a release date. While a release date seems nowhere in sight, the game will hopefully make an appearance at E3 during Square’s showcase.

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