It’s always an honor when a storied studio like Guerrilla Games takes note of your work. This is exactly what happened with aspiring game developer and artist EternaLegend. EternaLegend posted a rendition of Aloy, the protagonist of Horizon Zero Dawn (one of the best games of the year btw), on her tumblr.

Once again, EternaLegend has shown how multi-faceted she is when it comes to her art. No longer focused on just Zelda, or fan art in particular, she has branched out in ways I thought I’d never see. Aloy is such a wonderful character in Horizon Zero Dawn, with her strength, prowess, hidden vulnerability, and her compassion. EternaLegend expresses this all at once in a single piece. Better yet, this very piece of art was recognized by Guerrilla Games themselves! They saw a tweet of the piece and decided to re-tweet it themselves, from the source.

As a developer-in-training and an artist, EternaLegend is sure attracting the right crowd, with Guerrilla Games and Hideo Kojima recognizing her work. While she still does some Zelda work here and again, her skills are finally beginning to reach their peak potential and it wouldn’t surprise me if one day she were a household name in the gaming industry.

If you want to check out EternaLegends work, you can look at her Twitter, Deviant Art, Instagram, YouTube Channel, TumblrArt Station, and Facebook to find out about all of her projects.

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