During a panel today at Comicpalooza 2019, one of Texas’s largest pop culture conventions, Emilia Clarke confirmed a key costume for Game of Thrones Season 8. She wears armor this season. This would give credence to a leak that we received for Episode 5 where Gendry forges her armor for the Battle of King’s Landing.

Now, this doesn’t completely confirm our leak, but it lends credence to it. I have been consistent on this point and I will say it again: trust no one, not even our own leak. We could have been fed disinfo. HBO has a massive disinfo campaign right now with regards to spoilers and we may have been inadvertently used to that point. We have corroborated it with several other sources of information though dating back to April 14, including other unfeasible predictions, like Arya killing the Night King, so we are standing by the article. Only tomorrow will tell.

HBO also released a Danaerys Mother’s Day card. You can see the sword with the ruby on the hilt, which is described in our leaks. More credence. Why a sword but no armor? It also seems to indicate that Mad Queen Danaerys is not happening, although it could also simply be a manner of speech. We already have one Mad Queen in Cersei. Dany has always said her father was an evil man. Why would she follow in his footsteps, even out of grief? Her journey matches that of Joseph Campbell’s A Hero of a Thousand Faces. Think Luke Skywalker, think Neo, think every hero’s journey you’ve ever seen. Even Anakin Skywalker, who fell. When stripped of everything, as Dany has been, that’s when you find out who a person truly is. Neo and Luke tossed their power aside. Anakin couldn’t out of fear. I believe Danaerys will prove who she is on Sunday evening.

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