We were recently e-mailed a Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 plot summary, and while it is drastically different than any other “recent” leak going around, we have a strong reason for believing it. Different variations of it have been making the rounds on Facebook, Twitter, and r/Freefolk, and it is much more feasible than the atrocious leaks that went around last weekend. Do not read any further if you do not wish to be spoiled for the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones. Some details will be left out in order to protect our source which are not in other versions of the leak.

  • The episode opens in Dragonstone with Dany, distraught after what transpired at the end of The Last of the Starks.
  • Tyrion and Varys are still arguing; Varys wants to betray her now before she burns King’s Landing to the ground, while Tyrion is hesitant.
  • Enter GENDRY at Dragonstone (wonder why you didn’t see Drogon in the promos?)
  • Jon and the rest of the army arrive (source isn’t sure if it’s at Dragonstone or KL, most likely KL.)

The Battle for King’s Landing looms on.

  • Characters talk about their impending deaths.
  • Tyrion tells Jon that Dany may soon lose both her dragon and her mind.
  • Jon stands by Dany and tells Tyrion that she is his queen and he trusts her. He gives Tyrion “the look” that he gave Sansa at the war table meeting in Episode 4.
  • Cersei tells Euron that he has to win for his son. Euron asks how Tyrion knew she was pregnant, Cersei dodges the question by telling him that none of it will matter after the great war is won.
  • Arya and The Hound arrive at King’s Landing.
  • Jon asks Tyrion and Grey Worm where Danaerys is. Tyrion tells him that she’s already in King’s Landing.
Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 Plot

The Golden Company makes its debut.

  • Golden Company members come out and have a hostage with a cloak over their head (unknown who this may be.)
  • Euron is with his fleet and sees Yara’s boats, then Drogon screams. Dany is using the same tactic Aegon did when he invaded Harrenhal. She attacks from atop, both her and Drogon screaming at the same time, in-sync, both in full-blown armor. Euron’s fleet goes “Dracarys.”
Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 Plot

Drogon (and Dany) approach.

  • The musical cue “Shall We Begin?” plays, but more intense.
  • Euron and his men try to shoot Dany and Drogon, but Dany dodges them at every turn.
  • Euron knows they are ****ed and he and his men jump into the water.
  • Jon and Grey Worm notice the Golden Company has marched back inside the gates. Greyworm says they have to wait.
  • Drogon and Dany appear out of nowhere and burn the Scorpions and the gate so Dany and Jon’s armies can enter King’s Landing.
Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 Plot

Cersei looks on with glee as King’s Landing burns.

  • Jon smiles at Dany because he knew she wasn’t going mad, like Tyrion and others were trying to tell him (the musical cue “Truth” plays.)
  • An all-out battle takes place in King’s Landing.
  • Cersei does something along with Tyrion’s help (“I never bet against my family.) This has long been speculated to be using wildfire to set King’s Landing ablaze and blame it on Dany. Tyrion is the traitor.
  • Dany and Jon are finally face-to-face in the final scene.

More Anecdotes:

  • Dany has a sword with a red stone in the middle. Could be a legendary Targaryen Valyrian Steel sword.
  • Jaime arrives towards the end and views the devastation, believing it was Dany’s doing (it was Cersei and Tyrion.)
  • The final scene with Dany/Jon is fairly long.
  • They have a long, emotional hug with teary eyes. Jon feels responsible as he should have come with her and her fleet to King’s Landing.
  • Jon finally tells Dany he loves her.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Ending Leaked

  • Jon tells Danaerys about what Tyrion told him about her going mad.
  • The scene ends with them looking at each other, appalled.
  • Arya steals a peasant’s face to enter the Red Keep in order to go after Cersei.
  • The Hound and The Mountain meet to prep for Cleganebowl.
  • Musical cues: Truth, Shall We BeginRains of Castamere, Greyjoy theme, Spoils of War, more intense version of Truth in the final scene.

An unexpected traitor in their midst.

This coincides with earlier leaks of Tyrion using wildfire on King’s Landing (which is still in play underneath the entire city) and Tyrion being a traitor. It even includes the musical cues used throughout the episode.

Believe at your own peril, but we’re willing to bet on this one. As the penultimate episode in the series, this is shaping out to be one of the best episodes ever.

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