When I was watching the Microsoft E3 Press Briefing, there was one game in particular that caught my eye: Tunic. Published by Ninji, this title is an Xbox console exclusive. On the surface, it appears to be a mere Zelda clone, inspired by A Link to the Past, but it has its own quirks to set itself apart from the classic franchise. This console generation has seen an explosion of creativity from independent game developers, and Tunic is a culmination of this.

Tunic Preview

In Tunic you play as a fox-like creature who has suddenly woken up in a bizarre land. You don’t start out with a sword; that would make things too easy. Instead, you begin your adventure with a stick as your primary weapon. It makes combat somewhat difficult, but the challenge is inviting. There is a natural progression in the game as well. You receive a stick, eventually a sword, and finally a shield. All the while, enemies become more and more difficult. In between that, you can also acquire potions in chests which replenish your health.

The enemies are varied and the art style in Tunic is incredibly endearing. There is also a vertical nature to the map, so exploration isn’t so straightforward. One of the most creative aspects of Tunic is the in-game language. Text is written in the native language of the game’s world and is not deciphered. While this may be frustrating to some, it makes the world of Tunic feel alive. You take on the role of this fox, much like you take on the role of Link in The Legend of Zelda. The fox is thrown into a foreign land, much like yourself,  so it makes the game that much more immersive.

Tunic Preview

Being a huge Legend of Zelda fan, I found Tunic to be a thoroughly enjoyable experience. We only got a glimpse of the game too; there are sure to be many more features that will set itself apart from the Zelda comparisons. Tunic was one of the most creative games at E3 2018 and is a huge win for the Xbox One, as it’s exclusive to the system (at least console-wise).

Tunic was the surprise game of E3 and we cannot wait to get our hands on the full version later this year.

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