With World of Warcraft‘s newest expansion, publisher Activision has finally decided to give Destiny the crossover it deserved. The expansion, Legion, is currently in its closed beta, but players have noticed a very peculiar vendor who is very much like Destiny‘s Xur. “Xur’ios,” is a vendor within Dalaran and this strange merchant sells some interesting items that may cause some players a bit of deja vu. Some of the items Xur’ios sells are always available for purchase, but he also sells items that rotate everyday. These rotating items include Krota’s Shield (for Crota), Ingram’s Puzzle (for engrams), and Gjallar’s “Horn” (referencing the exotic Gjallarhorn). You are able to buy these items with the new Curious Coins (Strange Coins). According to WoWHead.com, these Curious Coins can be found in just random drops from almost everywhere, including Heroic and Mythic dungeon bosses.

World of Warcraft: Legion is available on August 30 to everyone.

Xur'ios image

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