Destiny 2 has been an unexpected surprise surprise. While diehard fans of the series has faith in Bungie’s ability to put together a more full, cohesive game, many did have their doubts. The narrative of the game served its purpose and the lore is deeper than before. The campaign actually makes sense, and the game seems to take inspiration from The Taken King and how that revolutionized Destiny and brought it to the forefront, finally, in the FPS/MMO genre. The game isn’t perfect, but no game is. We even did a story review of the game.

Destiny has always been about quests and powering up your gear, and Destiny 2 does not disappoint. Already, fans have found numerous exotic weapons, which are game-changer weapons, so much so that you can only wield one exotic weapon at a time. Here are our top 5 Destiny 2 exotic weapons.

5. Sweet Business

Sweet Business was the first exotic I got in Destiny 2. While it is like a fully loaded machine gun, which tends to be harder to utilize, this gun isn’t as bad as it may appear. It has a huge mag (99 rounds per if I remember), and if you pick up any ammo it will actually go right into your magazine. The gun also has increased hip accuracy, which is always a nice bonus. One downside is low ammo (compared to other assault rifles), but, Sweet Business is incredibly effective on bosses with its large magazine and the fact that shots get more and more accurate the longer you fire the gun is a huge upside. It’s definitely one of the best exotic guns in Destiny 2.

4. Mida Multi-Tool

Oh, the Mida Multi-Tool. Disdained by many, loved my many more. The Scout Rifle that seemingly everyone is complaining about yet so many people are still using (the same complainers most likely.) The weapon allows you to view your radar while still holding down the sights. Also, when the Mida Mini-Tool is equipped in the energy slot you get additional benefits. This gun has caused a lot of controversy as some feel the gun is “overused,” but, there are so many alternatives in the game and we have only begun to scratch the surface of Bungie’s Masterpiece.

3. Skyburner’s Oath

Skyburner’s Oath is a fantastic Scout Rifle for anyone who loves mid-to-long range attacks. The Weapon is very balanced, having solid impact, range, and stability. Its handling, as well as its reload speed do leave a bit to be desired. The weapon is fully automatic though and when you aim down the sights, slugs are stronger. This weapon is very effective against the Cabal, dealing extra damage, and will penetrate Phalanx shields. Enough with the stats though. The Scout Rifle feels great in your hands and will while these weapons require a little bit more skill, once a player knows how to utilize it, nothing can stand in their way.

2. The Wardcliffe Coil

The Wardcliffe Coil has a relatively high blast radius, extremely high velocity, good stability, and excellent handling. The only thing I can say is that the reload speed leaves a bit to be desired, but the volley of rockets it fires is impressive. It seems like a top-notch rocket launcher. While it may not be player’s go-to exotic in PvE, it is definitely beyond useful in both PVP and Trials. It has a huge blast radius depending on how you choose to configure your weapon and may show some shades of the Gjallahorn.

1. Sunshot

The Sunshot is not only the best hand cannon in Destiny 2, but it is also the best exotic weapon in the game. Period. As a hand cannon user myself, although I’ve switched back-and-forth since Destiny year one, I was skeptical at first when I picked this weapon up as one of my rewards from a quest (I was given a choice of three weapons.) The Sunshot, hands down, was the best of the bunch. The handling is fantastic, the reload makes it a must-have for any hand cannon user, the impact will decimate shields, and it has decent range. Not to mention that rounds literally explode, taking their allies with them in the heat of battle.

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