No one can dispute that the original Destiny was released as an incomplete game. In fact, this is why I waited so long to get it. The campaign was a mess and it wasn’t until The Taken King (a whole new game within itself) came out that Destiny was able to come into its own. Destiny is, of course, Bungie’s next big franchise after they decided to part ways from Microsoft, freeing themselves of both Halo and Microsoft. Destiny 2 is their masterpiece and proves that they were right to have taken on this massive undertaking, combining the first-person shooter genre with the MMORPG genre. It’s even inspired games like The Division who tried to emulate and overtake Destiny, but it failed, miserably (despite very good sales numbers.) The Halo franchise is now developed by 343 industries and the results have been…less than stellar. Actually, I believe it’s the reason why Halo 6 is nowhere to be found right now. The franchise is, for all intents and purposes, dead, while Destiny is thriving. In fact, Destiny is why I bought a PlayStation 4, given their exclusive content and wonderful community. Bungie has taken their game to a whole new level and has surpassed what was allegedly their crowning achievement. They don’t settle. They’re not complacent. That’s why they are such a fantastic developer.


There is no doubt that the first Destiny’s campaign was a mess. In fact, it was downright confusing. When The Taken King expansion came out though, the entire series began to shift. The story was actually pretty good, and the lore was even more impressive. This was all a build-up to Destiny 2. As we talked about in our story review of Destiny 2, the story is solid, but the cutscenes and production value are really where Destiny 2’s narrative shine. You’re not on a set path like, say, in HaloHalo has some somewhat interesting lore, but the Destiny franchise takes it to a whole new level. There are so many great characters in Destiny 2, like Cayde-6 (my favorite), or Devrim Kay. It’s very well written. Halo’s characters are so boring, although Cortana is one of the more interesting characters in video game history and I do admit Master Chief is up there as one of gaming’s most storied characters, but there’s no one else. The story is incredibly simplistic, the lore is mediocre at best, and for an early-2000s game that’s fine, but it’s 2017 now. The backstory and the covenant were boring. Even Halo 4 and Halo 5 did not impress. Do you wonder why we haven’t heard a peep about Halo 6?


God did 343 Industries screw up Halo’s multiplayer. I originally enjoyed 4’s multiplayer, but they just couldn’t stop getting rid of and adding modes. It was a joke. Halo’s original multiplayer was great and tons of fun, but times have changed. Plus the weapon balance wasn’t all that great. Pull out a pistol in the original Halo and you’re good to go. Bungie is now always tweaking Destiny to make the PVP weapon balance the best it can be. They have allowed themselves to expand their horizons and the results have been glorious. PVP in Destiny is some of the best in the industry. Bungie actually cares about their fan community and they are constantly tweaking the weapon balance to make the game the best it can be, as noted. Destiny 2 doesn’t even just have PVP, it has great co-op play as well: raids (in MMO fashion), strikes and nightfalls (players journey together through a stage to fight a boss and gain better gear/loot), and you can even play the campaign co-op. There are so many options and Destiny 2 builds on the foundation that the original set. It is a beautiful thing to see. Destiny is thriving as a franchise whereas Halo is faltering; in fact, you could probably say that Gears of War is probably Microsoft’s flagship series now.


To be quite frank, the Halo fan community has always been complete crap. It’s been nothing more than a bunch of kids screaming expletives through their mics thinking that somehow makes them edge lords. Newsflash: It doesn’t. And this isn’t just the first Halo. I experienced this through Halo 4; I didn’t bother with (although I played a little at a friend’s) because it just didn’t look very good. It’s atrocious. Whereas in the Destiny community people actually want to help each other and co-operate, Halo fans still haven’t grown up. It’s beyond pathetic. I bought the PS4 simply for the exclusive content Destiny has on the PlayStation 4. That, and the fact that a good friend of mine TheGeekChic (check out her Twitch and follow her on Twitter; she’s a fantastic Destiny streamer!) essentially convinced me to start playing it when we met up at E3 a few years ago. So I started playing. I barely knew anyone in the community. Guess what? They welcomed me with open arms. They were super supportive and actually wanted to help me out. Quite the contrast to the Halo community, huh? Honestly, the Destiny community, along with the fact that Destiny 2 looked so good, is the reason I stuck with the franchise.

There is no contest. Halo has become a mess. Bungie made the right choice to ditch the franchise. Yes, Halo got them started, but Destiny has challenged them and broadened their horizons. They are dedicated to their fans. They are passionate. They’re everything you want in a developer. It’s really sad to see a once-great series like Halo go down the toilet, because I really do wish it success. Halo revolutionized and defined the FPS genre for consoles and that is quite an accomplishment. Halo 2 is the pinnacle of console FPS games. Times have changed though and Halo hasn’t evolved. Unless Microsoft is holding off on Halo 6 because it’s just so good (not likely given the fact they have almost nothing coming out for the Xbox One this year; it’s incredibly sad), they’re in serious trouble. Halo is what made them, but it also what may break them as well.

I also want to give a huge shoutout to Luke Smith of Bungie who directed Destiny 2. He was formerly of the 1up Network, and he, Garnett Lee, Mark MacDonald, and Shane Bettenhausen are the people who inspired me to do what I do today. Thank you so much.

About The Author


Morgan Lewis is a Video Game Journalist and Founder and Editor-in-Chief of VG Culture HQ. He has been writing about games for over four years and has written over 900 articles during that timespan. He first fell in love with gaming when he received A Link to the Past for Christmas when he was six. He also loves anime and anything that has to do with gaming culture.

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  • Vulcanproject

    Destiny is obviously better than the Halo under 343 but it is also definitely NOT better than the Halo under Bungie themselves. It’s not that great when you realise Bungie were making better games 10 years ago than they are today.

  • King Console

    Yet halo 5 has the best multiplayer of the series and destiny pvp bullet registration and lack of level playing field making whoever finds the best guns usually raid equipment the clear winner in pvp, its so unbalanced its not funny. The destiny story is laughable it doesn’t have one and as for halo dying didn’t the release 3 month sales of over 5 million on one console. Halo 5 also broke record of most viewed halo online over the main champion ship but hay a google search and some fact checking makes your article completely off balance. They sent even the same genre of game and yet haven’t seen destiny hit a 5 billion dollar worth franchise over multiple platforms vs one

    • Hvd

      bias media at its best.

  • Gioru

    Frankly, I think you didn’t play Halo 5 in multiplayer. The work made by 343 in these years supporting the game is awesome and as reguards PVP there’s no match: Halo 5 is way better than Destiny 2. They have different approaches and maybe comply to different tastes. Simply put, you did not like Halo 5 and liked more Destiny 2, but it’s not the case to be so dogmatic.

  • The multiplayer is better? LOL

  • Hamidu Bello

    hey man, to each his/her own, but deep down, even you know this article is just a flame bait tool. You enjoy destiny 2 alot, good for you but i think that’s where it stops

  • Edonus

    Anyone that says Destiny has surpassed Halo should not be telling anybody anything about video games. This is the equivalent of going to a car site and someone saying a Camry is a better car than a Bentley Phantom. Its completely ridiculous false and if you are saying it as a factual statement its a lie.

    You can like Destiny more than Halo…. that’s fine. That is subjective. What is not subjective is Halos 5 dedicated servers, more modes, higher player counts, Halo has modes that are deeper than most entire games. Halo has things so advanced we don’t even add them in to compare against other games because it automatic slaughter……. Destiny (or any other FPS) has nothing that can compare to the Theatre mode and Forge. the Forge alone destroys the idea of Destiny competing in community. There are thousands of maps made by the halo community that has even made their own games. This isn’t even something to compare….. in Halo you can create your own weapons. The vehicle play is a thousand times more advanced the weapons are more balanced the game play and movement is way faster and fluent in Halo (especially 5).

    Destinys Crucible in 1&2 are baby games compared to Halo. They aren’t even balanced. I am a PVP enthusiast. I look for competitive MP modes. Destiny is weak on that front. The only thing Destiny has going for it is that it is in a different genre. Everything Halo and Destiny do that a like Halo does it better and in most cases way better

    • Morgan

      I will say this. I respectfully disagree, but to say I’m anti-Xbox is ridiculous. If you look at my post history (I actually lost about 20 stories in my migration to a new host) I’ve been VERY supportive of Microsoft. I don’t care about sales numbers. But they have nothing this year, which I find very sad (besides a console very few people actually care about). I love their franchises, I’ve reviewed quite a few of their games and have a lot of multi-plat on their system.

      • Edonus

        I don’t know if you are anti-Xbox or not, I am just calling it like I see it. For instance we are in a Halo vs Destiny article and you seemed to want to interject that Xbox One has nothing coming out this year…… except a new console which just so happens to be the most powerful console created with unmistakable value and you push the idea that few people care about.
        That’s moving the conversation to a whole different place. I for one and all the people that pre ordered it and it would seem people that purchased a Ps4 because it had better resolution and power (theory supported by surveys) care about the new console. I am sure hypocrites and shills won’t. This year is dryer than others but to say there is nothing is misleading. I will be playing Cuphead, PUBG, probably Forza 7 and if I can secure my X1X the best versions of Battlefront 2 and AC Origins. I’ll probably skip Super Luckys tale but some people like platformers. Not the greatest line up of game ever but certainly not the worst and definitely not nothing.
        Action speaks louder than words and you should always look at what people do as opposed to what hey say.

      • Hvd

        you are a destiny fan boy and it shows. destiny 1.5 expansion is just that an expansion…lmao.

  • Rafoca

    Hahaha beach, please

  • Edonus

    We have this Bias Gaming Media (BGM) that has created this negative culture around the Xbox One so complete non sense articles like this can get made. Completely ignoring all the facts and just interjecting their own opinions unchecked.
    They start each section of with a statement trying to push an idea instead of posing a question….. this is a shady tactic the BGM uses because no one been calling them out on it…….
    “God did 343 Industries screw up Halo’s multiplayer”…… NO they didn’t I have played them all and each is balanced unique and fun.
    “To be quite frank, the Halo fan community has always been complete crap”….. NO…. I have found the community to be very supportive and competitive and full of players that are more about building their skills.
    “There is no contest. Halo has become a mess”…… NO…… Halo is solid the story has been branching and it is still one of the most if not the most refined games created to this day.

  • stamps1646

    Looks like someone skipped out on Halo 5 MP, Destiny 2 MP in it’s current state is a bloody joke and compared to most AAA MP modes is a step back. Maybe in 6 months it might be great or better than what it current is, but it’s not even close to be in the top 5 MP.

  • YuriFan

    “Halo’s characters are boring”
    You calling Johnson mothering fking boring? All of his lines are quotable. Even the legendary Nathan Fillian doesn’t stand up to him.

  • Hvd

    thats just what you say sony ponie fan boy.this game cant even touch the 15m players that halo 5 has.

    wait fo anthem and halo 6 they will destroy destiny 1.5 expansion….lmao

    media bias right here.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Vile Xbox cockroaches can’t handle it when the foundations of their worthless brand gets a bit of criticism. Halo is hollow and soulless now, cared about by very few.

    • Chasing Destiny

      Xbox’s worthless and Halo’s hollow and soulless? I think you’re forgetting their importance in the gaming industry. You can’t deny that, whether you’re a Sony Pony or Xbot.

      • Morgan

        I don’t censor people on here but fanboys will be fanboys. Halo is a great franchise and you cannot deny the fact that they are great games. I feel the way I do about Destiny, yes, (Destiny 2 that is), but, that doesn’t negate the fact that Halo is a great franchise and just because I didn’t really think Halo 5 was on par with the series does not mean that I think the game was horrible. It wasn’t.

        • Andres Escobar

          So says what appears to be a Destiny fanboy

  • Chasing Destiny

    Morgan, you should watch this. A response to your article.

    • Morgan

      I do appreciate this, really, but it is my general policy (I’ve gotten response videos before) to pay no mind. I write an article and move on. I have no problem interacting with my readers in the comments, and yes I do have ads on my site (which literally amount to nothing), and I’m sure the guy has some very valid points. I also think people are misconstruing what I’m saying. I think that Destiny has surpassed what Halo has become. You cannot compare to Halo 1 or 2, even really 3, because they are rather older games and it gaming has evolved since then. But Halo 4 and 5? That’s fair game IMO. But thanks for posting this, I do appreciate it and I am willing to engage in discussion as long as it’s rational.

      • Chasing Destiny

        No problem. I don’t see the point of people attacking each other over an article. Everybody has their own opinion. Just cause I love Halo doesn’t mean everybody else has too as well. Everybody has their preferred games that they enjoy.

        • Morgan

          Just for the record: I like Halo. A lot. I just don’t like what it’s become and to me Halo 6 will be a make-or-break game for me and for the franchise.

          • Chasing Destiny

            I think we’re all hoping Halo 6 will be better. Lol 🙂

          • Michael Ross

            You’re absolutely right it will be a make-or-break game for 343 and the franchise, that’s why this time they’re taking their time in development. Halo 5 had to go through multiple rewrites and many account suggest the realistic development time they had to work on Halo 5 was between a year and 18 months.

          • Jacob Babcock

            Ok now you said something smart, I give you credit sir.

        • Morgan

          Now there’s a huge influx of fans of that guys channels coming on here cussing me out, etc. this is why the internet sucks.

      • Alistein

        I disagree to surpass is to go above which Destiny clearly hasn’t done Halo is categorized as the whole series to date so 1-3 count whether they are old or not. Destiny certainly has potential but that potential probably will never match or surpass Halo as Halo was genre defining and even now still oozes potential under the right direction.
        Certainly Halo is on the decline but so is Destiny as sales have fallen and interests continue to wane one can only wonder when competition like Anthem arrives, just Cuphead releasing has taken all focus away from Destiny and a lot of games even Forza I might add.
        I think like many have said your arguments are not balanced and are skewed. I would hope in ending that these article does stir up passion for better Halo games from 343.

      • Maxwell Lauer

        Yet you say Halo’s lore and characters suck which includes pre-343i stuff. Unless you actually specify that you’re only talking about a distinct part people will consider your criticism to the series as a whole. Not that most of your points are valid even if just sticking to 4&5. Honestly it seems like you’ve never even played them.

        • Morgan

          I’ve played and owned every single Halo game.

  • PandaJerk007

    This is a pretty laughable article.
    Halo in its prime >>>>> Destiny = Recent Halo

  • Sebastien Pichette Sevigny

    Let me say 2 simple thing.
    First its 100% 1 sided. You cannot call this an article or a debate. Its a simple opinion with no research done on both game.
    Second Halo Combat evolved as change the gaming industry. I don’t see Destiny 2 doing this.
    But i say that Destiny 2 is indeed Better then Destiny. But not Halo Bungie era.
    And you cannot call Halo a Dead game and a Dead series if there is still content being created.
    To me this ” Article” Resemble more as a rant of man who never played the Halo Franchise and din’dt participate in the community.
    Both Game are good and both have flawed. And you clearly don’t know the difference between a Criticism and a Rant.

    • Sebastien Pichette Sevigny

      I will say that Halo as gone downward since 343i stepped in. But at least explain and don’t go saying that it is. Explain the both side of the coin

  • The Rookie

    Every single point was invalid. I love both but this is bad journalism

  • Jorel Querimit

    Hey, maybe you can criticize Halo when you actually gain some knowledge about it? You fucking idiot. Master Chief and Cortana aren’t the only interesting characters and its story is much more complex than you know; just to acknowledge some the bullshit you’ve stated in your biased ass article. You don’t know shit about Halo. Sit your ass down…

    • Morgan

      If you disagree fine but personal attacks get you banned.

      • Mister J

        where is he attacking you, if you post stuff like this. without proper research. you can expect reactions like this. do your job,,, research before publishing,,,

        • Morgan

          expletives. i know my research just because I disagree doesn’t give anyone the right to hurl out expletive insults. enjoy ban land.

    • ecotech on agario

      Man While I do understand where you are coming from you need to take a chill pill as their are many people who feel this way but we are humans expect it.

  • Omar Baig

    there is so much wrong with this article that can easily be disproved, i honestly think Morgan didn’t mean to publish this on the internet. Like this was just something he wished in his wettest of dreams was true that he would even climax at the idea of destiny 2 being half as good as the original halo’s. Regardless, halo does need to improve. that doesn’t excuse that some, if not most, of the criticisms in this article seem a bit biased objectively wrong, and possibly wanting to please a certain group. one that couldn’t play halo or were so intimidated with its existence that they seek joy in bashing halo and sucking off on destiny. kinda like how an xbox kid would trash on uncharted 3 because he cant play it. Im not saying he is an anti-xbox/halo shit poster or whatever, but most of what he said just wasn’t true and i think he knew it as he was writing.

  • Christian Cook

    I’m sorry, but did you actually play the halo games and actually research them before writing this article? Halo 5 in terms of story is definitely lacking and 343 definitely has much room for improvement, but to say that Destiny is better? I suppose it’s a matter of opinion, but the reasons you listed were very frustrating to read. Claiming the characters in halo are just boring? I mean, did you play the first destiny? In halo you were given characters that you get to know, who learn about the world along with you! In Destiny you were given characters that had potential, but ultimately came out flat. Take Halo 3: ODST for example. The game was centered very much around the city and the characters. Each character had something to add to the story. Each had their own personality and ideas. Destiny had so much potential for that, but just didn’t deliver.
    By the end of the campaign in Destiny (spoilers?) the only way you know you’ve succeeded was because ghost tells you that the light is coming back. You don’t see anything. There isn’t any emotion.
    During the ending of Halo 3, you feel like you’ve finally achieved something! You’ve fought hard to save not just humanity, but all sentient life! You grow to accept and enjoy the Elites as companions. The marines will say the funniest things! But I’m destiny the best you can hope for is a dancing match between you and another player who you can only watch running around.
    The fact that you have other players running around while you’re trying to play the campaign distracts from the experience and almost makes everything said during the campaign pointless.
    Halo isn’t without its faults, but to say Destiny has surpassed Halo is disgusting.

  • Faisal Mohamed

    You should have added “Opinion Piece” in the title.

    I define good journalism as a source of news that is objective and keeps bias to a minimum. Having said that, games is an art for and art is subjective. And to report on a subjective matter objectively is hard but that is what separates good journalists from journalists who write articles like the above. Your article makes absolute (also incorrect) statements like “dead franchise” with little care to backup your claim. And dismissing an entire community as “complete crap” is a fine example of your journalistic maturity.

    I haven’t read any of your 900 other articles but please refrain from writing half baked opinion pieces and then call yourself a journalist.

  • Maximus Light

    Even PC and PS4 players may not like Halo but still agree that Des2ny is a cesspool in comparison to Halo …..Halo is the pinnacle of FPS, Destiny is garbage of FPS, it just spit on the genre , made many hate the game-mode, get angry with COD and other FPS games ……just because it was a joke of FPS….now Bungie is saving their faces with Destiny 2…or they perish… Bungie never gave a 2 hoots about the Lore or the game, they said Halo 2 was a mistake !! in-spite of achieving huge success in Sales and from their fans, we kicked them out coz they are no Good !!!! get it up your head Morgan !!!!!!!!

  • Paul Carter

    Will you quit blowing smoke up our asses? It honestly sounds like you haven’t played EITHER game….. If that’s the case…. good job m8, keyboard warrior confirmed.

  • ecotech on agario

    Hello Morgan I have watched several videos on this article and I have read it many times and I would like to say I respectfully disagree with some of what you said as the destiny characters are just remade halo characters and halo is more iconic and is more widely known and to be honest it’s like saying the doom franchise has surpassed halo and it’s just not true as halo is surpassing destiny in every way as they even at their lowest have a very supportive community and a very friendly one and also competitive and they have more players and to be honest do not say halo is dead because halo 6 has not come out as that is utter bullshit like come on man you cannot expect them to have made it and released it already it would be like me getting pissed that destiny 3 has not come out yet it just is not fair.

    • ecotech on agario

      oh yes I forgot to mention several things like how is destinies story and lore better or the characters as one of my favorite characters in everything ever is Sargent Forge from halo wars and man you have to take into account that halo just has more things to do and destiny is kind of just endless grinding to get nothing and have nothing and most of my friends play it for multiplayer only because they find the story distasteful. If you are going to compare destiny to another franchise please compare it to fallout as most fans are disappointed in fallout 4 because of all the retcons and they are closer notice I said closer in video game genre.

  • Jacob Babcock

    I would also like to add this, you say halo had very boring characters and you say destiny had better characters? Destiny characters are to boring, for Christ sakes THE MAIN CHARACTER IS SILENT THE WHOLE TIME!! That ends the argument on good characters. The fact bungie couldn’t even make the main character talk, but grunt says it all. Ugh so much stupidity in this article. And I’ve played destiny more than halo so I know what I’m talking about