Bungie’s newest hit MMORPG/FPS, Destiny 2,came out earlier this week and has already amassed a large player base. In a “This Week At Bungie” post, DeeJ, the Community Manager, said “millions of [players] have evacuated a City under attack.” If this is true, Bungie should be expecting an even larger amount of players to join the fight against the Red Legion. The launch of the PC version on October 24th, plus the fact that Christmas time is only a few months away, means only more success to come. DeeJ confirms this thought by saying, “We expect more players to join our ranks in the days and weeks that will follow. Veterans of our community know that Destiny is not just a story about heroes, but also a world that evolves with you. New rituals will begin. New challenges will be revealed. New platforms will come online. New legends will rise.”

You can read our thoughts on Destiny 2′s story here.

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