The popular indie gameCelesteis set to receive a free DLC chapter. Game creator, Matt Thorson, has laid out a few of the details in the upcoming update. These are planned to be some of the hardest levels available in the game. Fans of the title can look forward to its release sometime this year.

  • Firstly, it will not be ready in time for the one year anniversary on January 25
  • Only one chapter is planned, no B-sides are to be included
  • The difficulty is placed after the current hardest setting, making for tougher gameplay.
  • No strawberries are featured, so no need to collect anything.
  • New items/mechanics are going to be introduced.
  • Cost is free for all platforms.

Celeste DLC

Celeste is one of the best and highest praised indie games released in the past year. It went on to receive numerous awards and nominations including Best Indie Game, Best Soundtrack, and even Game of the Year. Limited Run Games has also announced a physical release for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on their website. Currently, the PS4 version of the game and the Switch versions are open for pre-order until February 1. These physical copies are estimated to ship at some point in March.