Blockers is the latest comedy released by Universal Pictures. The film stars, Leslie Mann, Ike Barinholtz, and John Cena as the parents. It’s a story about three teenage girls making a pact to lose their virginities on prom night. However, the parents discover this plan by accidentally reading through their daughters’ group message texts. Hilarity ensues while the trio of parents attempts to stop this pact from happening.

Overprotective Parents

The three lead stars of the film give stellar performances for a comedy. Leslie Mann and Ike Barinholtz do not disappoint with their comedic acting experiences. John Cena is also able to break away from a stereotypical action star to show he has a range of acting capabilities. The three’s chemistry can also be seen in the film as well. The trio help turns a funny movie into a hilarious one. They are able to bring strong comedic moments to the table without making it appeal to just parents or by creating cringe-worthy dialogue. Blockers relies heavily on this cast of adults because its crew of teenagers are underwhelming. They don’t bring enough comedy to the film, only a few lines scattered. The teenagers provide little to the plot except that they are just trying to enjoy their prom. There could definitely have been better moments among them, but the parents stole the show.

Hilarious and Self-Aware

This comedy has some fantastic moments, but expect to see some inappropriate moments. After all, it is a comedy revolving around sex. Yet, this is not what the story falls back on. It is extremely self-aware and looks at the problem at hand. The three parents attempting to protect their daughters from this act as if they are damsels in distress is addressed. John Cena’s partner in the film lays out the double standard for the characters, and its audience, to ponder over. Of course, it is not taken seriously for comedy purposes, but without giving away spoilers, is in the back of the three’s minds. Blockers knows how problematic this may be seen but still takes the time to acknowledge it. In doing so, the film is made more intelligently.

Predictable Plot

Even though this movie is filled with comedy, its plot is still predictable. Viewers will definitely be able to piece the movie together just by its trailer or just by watching the first few scenes. This is not a film that should be driven by its plot. It’s one that viewers will be and should be watching for the adventure. The plot is definitely a weak point but how all of the characters arrive at the final scene is what makes this a great film.

Blockers is an entertaining film with a humorous cast, memorable moments, and is extremely self-aware. Yet, this movie suffers from a predictable plot and a set of underwhelming teen characters. It is definitely not one to view with children or family. This is a great movie and is one of the must-see comedies of the year.

Blockers Movie Review
Blockers is an insanely hilarious film that has a stellar cast and some memorable moments.
Overall Score
  • A Great Cast
  • Hilarious Moments
  • Self-Aware
  • Predictable Plot
  • Underwhelming Teen Characters
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