Music has evolved in gaming from bleeps and bloops to all-out orchestral arrangements. Storytelling has become a pivotal lynchpin in the gaming medium, accompanied by some of the best music there is to offer. There are many moments that stand out as poignant, but these are the cream of the crop and the best musical moments in gaming.

Best Musical Moments in Gaming — 5. Link Draws the Master Sword

The very first moment Link drew the Master Sword in A Link to the Past was majestic. It was not only the first appearance of the legendary blade, but the music that accompanies the drawing of the sword still stands to this day.

Best Musical Moments in Gaming — 4. She’s Coming Back

Xenosaga Episode III is mired in criticism due to its predecessor, but that doesn’t make it a horrible game or lessen the impact of the storytelling. When KOS-MOS returns in “She’s Coming Back”, the music is…let’s just say…breathtaking. There are no words for it; it’s simply stunning. That is why it is placed on this list as one of the best musical moments in gaming.

Best Musical Moments in Gaming — 3. Hero of Winds

Link, the Hero of Winds, is incredibly charming and endearing. When he is named the Hero of Winds by the gods, the music uses a variation of the main Legend of Zelda theme. It gets your heart racing. It’s energetic. The Wind Waker is not a perfect game, but it is a magnificent one and this is the one moment in the game that stands out as one of the best musical moments in gaming.

Best Musical Moments in Gaming — 2. Leaving Earth

Mass Effect 3 is the heartbreaking conclusion of the Mass Effect Trilogy. It starts off with a bang, and there is nothing as emotional in the game as when Shepard leaves Earth, and this is in large part due to the music. The Reapers invade the planet, leaving it decimated, and Commander Shepard, someone who is used to being in control, can only sit and watch. It is one of the most shocking openings of a game and the music is second-to-none.

Best Musical Moments in Gaming — 1. Zanarkand

Final Fantasy X is iconic because of its voice acting, but its music is some of the best in the business. Nobuo Uematsu is one of the best video game composers in the business and he did not disappoint in this iteration of Final Fantasy. As Tidus, Yuna, and the rest of the gang rest upon finally reaching their destination, Zanarkand, they reflect on their future. Uematsu composes this beautiful piece which portrays the inner conflicts of the characters.

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