From a romantic-comedy with zombies (Shaun of the Dead), to a pub-crawl interrupted by an otherworldly invasion (The World’s End); to an on-point satire of American-action, buddy-cop blockbusters (Hot Fuzz), to a pitch-perfect comic book adaptation (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World);  with a filmography as extensive as Edgar Wright’s, you’d think that there would be some stinkers in the mix. And yet he has proven to us time and time again that he cannot make a bad movie. All of the aforementioned films are undoubtedly considered to be masterpieces in their own respect, as Wright has seemingly cracked some sort of formula to crafting perfect, genre-bending motion pictures that resonate with film geeks everywhere.

And then there was Baby Driver. Though it was definitely a summer hit and widely praised by audiences and critics alike, fans of Wright’s work didn’t seem to think it was quite up to snuff as his previous outings. The following video proves that this critique is undeserved and that Baby Driver, for what it is, is just as masterful as Hot Fuzz or Shaun of the Dead.


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