It looks like the popular Battle Royale genre will not be leaving anytime soon. Yet another major first-person shooter will be introducing this to their franchise. DICE has reportedly been working on a prototype for the upcoming Battlefield V. This should come as no surprise since Activision’s Call of Duty will be implementing this as well.

This new Battlefield game is set to follow in Call of Duty’s footsteps as it will approach World War 2. This would appear to be the obvious route seeing as WW2 was a huge success. It also happened to breathe a new life into that franchise. Battlefield 1 also received critical acclaim and was a smash hit. The two games will continue to go head-to-head this fall as they both will be releasing new installments.

Battle Royale has been an insanely popular game mode taking over the mainstream. Seemingly any game featuring the mode has been a success. It is a no-brainer for game developers to bring this to their products. By introducing this, it would possibly allow for a larger audience to consume their media. The mode helps to guarantee success and if this is something to go by, gamers should expect this in many more games to come.

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