During a screening of Hideaki Anno’s newest Godzilla film this past week, Anno was posed with an in inevitable question about the fourth installment of the Rebuild of Evangelion. Anno is working on Evangelion 4.0 right on the heels of the release of Godzilla, according to the series creator and famed director.

” I’ll work hard on it. As a matter of fact, I’m already working hard on it.”


Evangelion 3.0 You Can (Not) Advance was released in 2012, and the series as a whole has been in development for almost 10 years. No doubt Anno has been slow on the project, but there will probably be at least a five year time gap between the release of Evangelion 4.0 and Evangelion 3.0, mostly because of Anno’s work on Godzilla. Still, Evangelion is a very personal work for Hideaki Anno and there is no doubt that however mind bending 4.0 will be (and trust me, 3.0 blew our minds), it will be a true masterpiece. Now we only need the Blu Rays for the original series here in the west and we will be able to satisfy our Neon Genesis Evangelion hunger to its fullest.

Thankfully Anno is working on Evangelion 4.0, finally, and we won’t have to wait too much longer for its release (although it will be a while for the American Blu Rays.)

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