The Nintendo 3DS is rife with quality titles. Many of them, in fact, would make wonderful editions to the Nintendo Switch. With the portability factor of the Switch, one might say that they would be a natural fit for Nintendo’s hit console. With games playable from the SNES and NES era, why not games playable from the Nintendo 3DS era, one of the most successful in Nintendo’s history?

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

3DS Games That Should Be Ported To Nintendo Switch

A Link Between Worlds is one of the best Zelda games, period. It is the ultimate puzzle experience. Although with the 3D effect, many of the puzzles have a verticle nature, it would still be prime for the Nintendo Switch. All it would need would be an upscaled resolution and presto, perfection. Being one of the top five Zelda games, it would be a travesty if it doesn’t make its way onto the Nintendo Switch. The wall merging mechanic is genius and the dungeons are treacherous, and very difficult. The game would make a perfect addition to the Nintendo Switch in an already stacked library.

Bravely Default

3DS Games That Should Be Ported To Nintendo Switch

While Bravely Default II is currently in development, one must not forget the original entry in the franchise. With a deep story and a nice twist on turn-based gameplay, Bravely Default is one of the best RPGs on the Nintendo Switch. It’s captivating, which is why the game has/is spawning two sequels. Bravely Default is Square’s new Final Fantasy, and bringing the original two games to the Nintendo Switch would help bring players into the world of the series before taking on the monolith of Bravely Default II. Regardless, it deserves to be ported to the Nintendo Switch as one of the most prolific RPGs to come out on any Nintendo system (sans Xenoblade) in recent memory.

Shin Megami Tensei IV

3DS Games That Should Be Ported To Nintendo Switch

Shin Megami Tensei IV is one of the most underrated games for the Nintendo 3DS. Many are familiar with the series’ spinoff, Persona, but not the base series, Shin Megami Tensei. And they are missing out. Shin Megami Tensei IV is like Pokemon for adults and the turn-based gameplay shines, putting Pokemon to shame. It’s the best Shin Megami Tensei game and it makes us ecstatic to find out what the Switch entry in the franchise has to bring to the table. That being said, Shin Megami Tensei should be brought onto the Nintendo Switch. It’s full of moral dilemmas, choices, and whether you’re good, evil, or neutral, you’re in for one hell of a ride.

Fire Emblem Awakening

Fire Emblem Awakening is not only the best entry in the Fire Emblem franchise on the Nintendo 3DS (there are a lot of them), but perhaps the best entry in the entire series. Characters such as Chrom, introduced in Awakening, have become household names and for good reason. The story is superb and the gameplay is challenging yet satisfying. Although there already is a new Fire Emblem on the Nintendo Switch (Three Houses), Awakening would make a pleasant addition to the Switch’s software lineup.

Ocarina of Time 3D

Ocarina of Time is Prime For an HD Remake

Ocarina of Time is a masterpiece. There are many 3DS games that should be ported to Nintendo Switch, and Ocarina is at the top of that list. It’s not only the best Zelda game, but the greatest game of all-timeOcarina of Time 3D was a wonderful remake of the 1998 classic, but put it on the Nintendo Switch, upscale the resolution, and it will sell like hotcakes. It would also introduce what is still the greatest Zelda game of all-time to a brand new generation of fans who were introduced to the series by Breath of the Wild. It’s a win-win for Nintendo. Releasing it with a Zelda HD collection would make it even more of a must-have. Ocarina of Time is a must-play and is still the greatest game of all-time. It would be a huge mistake for Nintendo not to release the game onto their most successful console in recent memory.

There are many 3DS games that should be ported to Nintendo Switch. These are just five of them. If Nintendo were smart, they would port at least one of these titles. My money is on a Zelda game, but let’s hope the big N sees the monetary value of bringing these games onto the cultural phenomenon which is the Nintendo Switch.

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