In the latest iteration of Destiny, Xur is scattered about the various worlds you can explore. Finding him can be difficult at times. This time he is in the EDZ Zone, just north of the Winding Cove. In order to find him, you first need to warp to the Winding Cove warp point. Then, go left and follow the road (not the one on the far left!). From there, you’ll see he is right above you. You’ll have to jump up into a cove that is right above a light. From there it will take you right to him. We’ve put together a video for you on how to get there.

Xur is selling the Vigilance Wing, which has a 5-round burst and heals the user when an ally falls to their death. The weapon improves in performance when you’re the last living member of your fireteam. He’s selling it for 29 legendary shards. The other three items he’s selling are helmets for each class which are pictured below.

Are these wears worth it? Each looks incredibly cool (I will be buying the Nezarec’s Sin for my Warlock), but only time will tell whether or not Xur is ripping us off.

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