Xenosaga is a series which has been forgotten by the mists of time. A once-promising RPG series by Tetsuya Takahashi, the series was cut short after Episode III: Thus Spoke Zarathustra after a planned six-episode epic. With the resurgence of the Xeno games though, with Xenoblade 2 being the latest installment with very good sales in Japan, this would be the perfect time to come out with a Xenosaga HD Collection. The perfect place for this would be on the Nintendo Switch. While there are a few roadblocks with Bandai Namco owning the IP, KOS-MOS, one of the signature characters, did appear in both Project X Zone games and is a Blade in Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

Why now? Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has already outsold X in Japan by a significant amount and is close to outselling the original.

In just a few weeks it’s already sold approximately 140,00 copies. That may not seem like much, but the previous Xenoblade titles sold approximately 900k copies worldwide. This game could easily break a million, which would make it a huge success. People are interested in Xeno games. Xenosaga’s gameplay is a bit old school but the story is one of the best to ever grace a video game. The time is now. It is financially viable if it were to come out on the Nintendo Switch. Xenoblade fans would buy it if only for curiosity reasons. The games have similar themes and Xenosaga is a bit more adult with similar themes. The third game, in particular, is the best turn-based RPG ever made in the PlayStation 2 era.

There’s also that the games have some loose connections. The Conduit is the Zohar in everything except, the Trinity Processor shares a similar function as the UMN from Xenosaga to interface with the Zohar, and Aion even resembles the final boss of Xenosaga Episode III and does share a similar function, albeit it uses its power in a different way.

The Conduit in Xenosaga 2 which appeared from a different dimension. Pyra and Malos channel their power from it..

Look familiar? The Zohar.

Aion, which channels the Conduit as its power source in the center.

Zarathustra. Look a little familiar?

The games are linked. Of course, it cannot be official because Bandai Namco owns the Xenosaga IP. This is as close as we’ve come though in the Xenoblade series to a link to Xenosaga. The time is now. People are interested. It will sell.

Bandai Namco, please listen. You put KOS-MOS in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The Switch is the console to put a Xenosaga HD Collection on. Take a chance and do it.

The end results may exceed your expectations given Tetsuya Takahashi’s resurgence with the Xenoblade series.

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