Update: Star Wars Theory has posted an update to this story. Lucasfilm has stepped in and had the copyright strike removed, as it was not a part of their agreement (no one is making money off of the film) and all ads are now removed. He attributes this to the fans speaking up. Thank you to all.

Disney has had a difficult relationship with Star Wars fans since the release of The Last Jedi, to say the least. This is a prime example of how petty the company has become after the travesty and backlash The Last Jedi faced. Star Wars Theory, a YouTuber who has well over a million subscribers, set out to make a fan film about Darth Vader split into several parts. He approached Lucasfilm and they gave their approval so long as he didn’t monetize the video and he could not crowdfund the expenditure. The film used a rendition of the Imperial March, though it was not a direct rip of the music, and Warner/Chappell, who owns the rights to the Star Wars music, has made a copyright claim. Star Wars Theory could appeal, but at doing so, he would risk his entire channel, which he is not willing to do. Warner/Chappell and Disney have now monetized the video and are making money off of it, which now has almost seven million views and over 450 thousand likes. Rather than Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi, Star Wars Theory’s fan film was made to unite the fanbase, not divide it.

This is a part of a larger issue though. Star Wars is in a state of crisis, Disney isn’t making their money back on their four billion dollar investment as anticipated, and a fan film from a YouTuber is better than the crap they’re spouting out now. It’s both hilarious and sad that they have to go to such lengths. Is it jealousy? Pettiness? Who knows. But if you haven’t seen Shards of the Past, I highly recommend it. Star Wars Theory is going to continue with the series but not use any renditions or covers of Star Wars music, which he admits will be difficult.

The saddest part of all of this is that this is a film that has been universally praised and in George Lucas’ era, fan films were allowed. This film is a uniter, not a divider. It will probably end up being better than Episode IX, as fixing the Sequel Trilogy at this point is an impossible undertaking. One great thing to see is the Star Wars community rally around Star Wars Theory and his impeccable work.

There may be hope for the fandom yet…

Note: This was never about Lucasfilm, but rather Disney and Warner/Chappell. Thanks to all who spoke up.

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