This year, UCSD held one of its many conventions last weekend. Like the others, there were a lot of things to do and lots of fun to be had!

Admission to the con was free, all we had to do was register and wear a wristband. After registration, everyone was given a ticket to put in a box for a raffle to win free figurines at the end of the day. If you attended panels, you got even more! To further add-on, some panels had prizes of their own. My two good friends climbed their way up to first place at a trivia panel!


One on the right is at his first convention and won!

Take a trip upstairs from the delicious food court and we have the Artist Alley! Some of the most talented artists I know of had a booth there and I managed to snag me some great loot. I commissioned artists, Detectiveee Chan and Pitangawang to draw my newest OTP, Hyakkimaru and Mio from Dororo and needless to say, I’m more than pleased with the results!

Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 3.49.49 PM

While I waited on those two commissions, I met up with some more of my friends to explore the place and look around. We attended one panel titled “Tohou Badly Explained”, which ironically got me somewhat interested in the series. A presentation filled with memes, music, and a funny host earned itself a list on one of my favorite events at this con.



Every fandom needs a Fortnite dance compilation

No convention is a convention without a cosplay contest! Tons of talented cosplayers entered and took the stage to win rare figurines of their choice! My friend, Elizabethrose_cosplay even won second place with her Anteiku Touka cosplay. Held in the gaming room where other merchandise was being sold, the masquerade among other competitions and panels were furnished.


Elizabeth Rose is in the middle

At the end of the day, the tickets that we deposited at the beginning were drawn and read aloud. Every winner got a free figurine at random, and my two trivia friends won even more! Even I managed to win me a Ninja Slayer figurine! After all the main events, the Artist Alley was still open and so of course, I took another trip back to collect my second commission and visit the interactive tables. One artist had a small shrine dedicated to one of her husbandos from a Chinese anime, complete with a donation box and everything. Husbandos are important and so paying my respects and writing a wish was profound.


In life he wasn’t very wealthy

Did I also mention I saw a B: The Beginning cosplayer? I might just do a review for that anime next, given how underrated it is.


Should UCSD hold another convention like this in the near future, I’m definitely down to go! I’m glad to see Campus conventions thriving and being managed by competent students. “For fans by fans”, as they say, right?



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